Humorous Poems

Macmillan, 1893 - 236 pagina's

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Pagina xviii - O, give her, then, her tribute just, Her sighs and tears, and musings holy ! There is no music in the life That sounds with idiot laughter solely ; There's not a string attuned to mirth, But has its chord in Melancholy.
Pagina 35 - But as they fetched a walk one day, They met a press-gang crew ; And Sally she did faint away, Whilst Ben he was brought to. The boatswain swore with wicked words, Enough to shock a saint, That though she did seem in a fit, 'Twas nothing but a feint. Come, girl...
Pagina 126 - Battle was a soldier bold, And used to war's alarms; But a cannon-ball took off his legs, So he laid down his arms! Now, as they bore him off the field, Said he, "Let others shoot, For here I leave my second leg, And the Forty-Second Foot!
Pagina 130 - One end he tied around a beam, And then removed his pegs, And, as his legs were off, — of course, He soon was off his legs!
Pagina 169 - A LITTLE fairy comes at night, Her eyes are blue, her hair is brown, With silver spots upon her wings, And from the moon she flutters down. She has a little silver wand, And when a good child goes to bed She waves her hand from right to left, And makes a circle round its head.
Pagina 39 - But could not though he tried : His head was turned, and so he chewed His pigtail till he died. His death, which happened in his berth, At forty-odd befell: They went and told the sexton, and The sexton toll'd the bell.
Pagina 126 - O Nelly Gray! O Nelly Gray! Is this your love so warm ? The love that loves a scarlet coat, Should be more uniform!" Said she, "I loved a soldier once, For he was blithe and brave; But I will never have a man With both legs in the grave! "Before you had those timber toes, Your love I did allow, But then you know, you stand upon Another footing now!
Pagina 192 - East, she turned her West, Staring like Pythoness possest, With streaming hair and heaving breast As one stark mad with grief. This way and that she wildly ran, Jostling with woman and with man — Her right hand held a frying pan, The left a lump of beef.
Pagina 172 - For my part getting up seems not so easy By half as lying. What if the lark does carol in the sky, Soaring beyond the sight to find him out — Wherefore am I to rise at such a fly ? I 'm not a trout.
Pagina 37 - I'd follow him ; But, oh ! — I'm not a fish-woman, And so I cannot swim. " Alas ! I was not born beneath The virgin and the scales, So I must curse my cruel stars, And walk about in Wales.

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