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ADDRESS to Prince Regent, 167; to Friends, 169; Holy Spirit, admitted by the Indians as a reprover,

to the inhabitants of Altona, 198; to the 31; baptism of, 355.
attendants of the Queen of Denmark, 214;

to the convicts of Aggerhuus, 233; to the Indians visited by Thomas Shillitoe, 364; their be-
Prince of Waldeck, 254; to the King of

lief of the Divine Being, 367; meeting
England, 275; to Prince Witgenstein in

with the Massassaguas, 374; speech of, 380;
Prussia, 296; to persons in the higher sta-

meeting with them, 383.
tions, 300; to the King of Denmark, 304; to
the English Protestants in Russia, 324;
to the King of England, 480.

Keith, George, 21.
Andrews, Edward, narrative of his convincement,

Atonement, 441.

Light of Christ, its universality defended, 51; Di-

vine and saving nature of it, 55; opposed by

the Beacon, 353.
Baptism, and bread and wine, 32, 55; of the Holy Lloyd, Thomas, 486.
Spirit, 355.

Bownas, Samuel, Joseph Besse's testimony respect- Mediation of Christ, 214, 441.

ing him, 1; journal of his life and travels, 2; Meetings, held mostly in silence, 72;
visited under the ministry of A. Wilson, 3; Ministry, sanctification necessary to prepare for it

appears as a minister, 4.

tempted and relieved through prayer. Re-

1; danger of extremes, 36; danger of un-
fuses money offered to him, 7; applies to

dervaluing the gift, 57; advice to those
work to obtain the means of travelling, &c.

engaged in it, 58; to keep to the Spirit,

63; difference between the true and false,
9; preaches at a funeral with his Bible

in his hand, 10; disputes on baptism, 12;

travels in Scotland, 13; imprisoned, 14; Sandham, Robert, 486.
preaches in the street, 15; argument upon
the Scriptures being the rule of faith and Scriptures, a rule subordinate to the Spirit, 16,
practice, 16; how he became a minister, 17;

325; never denied by Friends, 52; do-
visits America, 21; examined and commit-

claration respecting them, 436.
ted on Long Island, 25; commences shoe- Shillitoe, Thomas, journal of; testimony of the
making in jail, 27; conversation with an Monthly Meeting concerning him, 74;
Indian, 29; also with John Rogers, a Bap-

education, 78; turned out of his father's
tist, 31 ; on election, 33; liberated, 35 ;

house for joining Friends; first appears as
preaches at a disturbed meeting with his

a minister, 80; travels as a minister, 82;
Bible in his hand, 37; visits Ireland, 41;

visits Dunkirk with a committee, 83;
prosecuted for tithes, 42; second visit to preaches at a market cross, 84; exercises
America, 49; arguments in defence of the

on a visit to the king, 85; goes to Guern-
light of Christ, 55; great storm at sea, 60;

sey and Jersey, 88; called to relinquish
visits the north of England and Ireland, 62;

business and devote his time to the service
sets forth the folly and emptiness of all

of his Divine Master, 93; summoned as a
forms of religion without the virtue and

witness on a singular suit, 94; second visit
power of the spirit of Christ, 69.

to Guernsey, 95; further outward sacri-

fices, 99; instructive dream, 100; remark-

able meeting, 106; address to the rulers,
Chester, Edward, narrative of, convinced by his

108; takes


for Ireland, 111; joins
fireside, 71; becomes a minister-death, Elizabeth Ridgway in visiting the drinking

houses, 114, 118; returns home and in
Christian Friends, a sect, 203.

1810, again lands in Ireland, 125; visits
Christ, faith of Friends concerning the Lord Jesus, the drinking houses at Clonmel, 126; re-

strained in social calls, 127; interview

with a Catholic bishop, 128; attends the
Declaration of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting re- Yearly Meeting and arrives at his own

specting the separation of the Hicksites, home in peace. In 1811 sails again for
and their erroneous principles, 431.

Ireland—a great storm, 130; commences

his service at the drinking houses in Cork,
Election and reprobation, 33.

132; confidence in Divine protection un-
Exham, John, 486.

der abuse, 133; visits another Catholic

bishop, 138; necessity of renewed purifi-
Garton, William, 486.

cation for service, 139; instance of declin-

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