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Pagina 216 - Johnson's Patentees' Manual ; being a Treatise on the Law and Practice of Letters Patent, especially intended for the use of Patentees and Inventors.— By JAMES JOHNSON, Barrister-at-Law, and JH JOHNSON, Solicitor and Patent Agent. Fourth Edition. Thoroughly revised and much enlarged. Demy 8vo. 1879. 10s. 6d.
Pagina lviii - We now come to one of the most remarkable houses in this street, remarkable not only for its extreme richness of decoration, but as being connected with Sir Richard Whittington, famous in song and in story. It was situated four doors from Mark Lane in Crutched Friars, or Hart Street, up a courtyard, and was described in old leases as Whittington's Palace.
Pagina x - ... examined, tested or analysed for such use as they may think fit. 35. No article exhibited may be photographed, drawn, copied or- reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, without the special sanction of the Exhibitor and of the Executive Council. 36. The Executive Council will not hold themselves responsible for loss or damage occurring to any exhibit from any cause whatsoever; but while declining any responsibility, it is the intention of the Council to take such precautions as they deem necessary.
Pagina x - If any damage or injury shall be caused or occasioned during the Exhibition by any exhibited machine, implement, or article to any visitor or other person, or to any officer, servant, or others then and there employed by the Executive Council of the International Health...
Pagina vii - Council, which permission may be withdrawn at any time. 22. Cases must be unpacked as fast as possible, and the empty cases taken away by the Exhibitors or their Agents. The Executive Council decline to accept any responsibility with reference to empty cases, which must bo at once removed from the building at the expense of Exhibitors.
Pagina lvii - Bishopsgate-street, and were the ordinary type of hundreds of others in the old City— a shop below and a solar or chamber above. " Standing prominently in advance of these is the old tower of a church, which, although not strictly modelled from that of All Hallows, Staining, differing only in having a larger traceried window, resembles in its general form and outline many others in which our forefathers were wont to worship. Most of these churches were small, for the parishes attached to them were...
Pagina 92 - No ! were I asked what best dignifies the present, and consecrates the past; what enables us alone to draw a just moral from the tale of life; what sheds the purest light upon our reason; what gives the firmest strength to our religion...
Pagina lvii - Piscator optimus," but there is a doubt that tradition in this case was tradition only, as the actual house was two doors further to the west ; but apart from this, the house itself was a magnificent specimen of an ordinary citizen's house in Elizabeth's reign, and was for many years a conspicuous ornament to Fleet Street, and in close contiguity to those well-known haunts of the wits of the period, the "Apollo" and the " Devil
Pagina ix - Exhibitors will be required to provide all necessary attendance and to keep their stands and exhibits properly cleaned and in good order during the •whole period of the Exhibition.
Pagina 92 - What mind can grasp the loss to mankind, and the misery entailed that these figures reveal ? What dashes to the earth so many hopes, breaks so many sweet alliances, blasts so many auspicious enterpriees, as untimely death?

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