Christopher Wood: a painter between two Cornwalls

Born in Liverpool in 1901, Christopher Wood spent most of his artistic career in France. In Paris he lived a whirlwind existence among the high society of the 1920s, getting to know Cocteau, Picasso, and Diaghliev, all of whom admired his talent. Yet he often longed for solitude, and it was in the quiet coastal towns of Cornwall and Brittany that he painted his best work.

This publication looks in depth at the artist's life and work. Among the 40 works illustrated and discussed are many of the most important paintings that Wood produced before his tragic and dramatic death at the age of 29.

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Iwan Bala is a leading artist and cultural commentator in Wales. Shelagh Hourahane is a writer, artist, curator and lecturer, also in Wales. Michael Tooby is the former Director of the Tate Gallery at St ves and is currently Assistant Director at the National Museum and Gallery of Wales.

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