World War C: The Secret and Destructive Weather War Between Russia and America

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 11 jun 2015 - 124 pagina's
Climate change is a cover story. In WORLD WAR C, Paris Tosen explains how a disappearing plane, the Russian occupation of Crimea, Edward Snowden, and extreme weather events point to a secret Climate War.Surrounding the odyssey of Flight 370 are geophysical negotiations, military tactics, earthquakes, winter storms, and two superpowers: America and Russia. While Tosen highlights the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight and the invasion of Crimea, he also adds a provocative global hypothesis based on precise weather catastrophes. World War C argues that the disappearance of a plane helped prevent a new Russian-American war. The event also exposed a secret climate war, the likes of which has never been made public, till now.

Over de auteur (2015)

Paris Tosen is a rogue researcher and a reality scientist who bends scientific convention and digs beneath religious dogma. He has written numerous books including Androids Among Us, God is DNA, and The Earth-Colonizing Handbook of Generation Stelan; as well as novels and short stories. He lives in Canada.

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