Traditions in Contact and Change: Selected Proceedings of the XIVth Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions

Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, 10 jun 1983 - 755 pagina's

"Traditions in Contact and Change" was the theme of the fourteenth quinquennial congress of the International Association for the History of Religions. This selection from 450 papers by scholars form all over the world address the theme.

Section One, "Indian Traditions and Western Interactions," treats subjects ranging from the flood story in Vedic ritual to a s study of the women of the Nehru family. Section Two, "Buddhist, Chinese, and Japanese Studies," includes discussions of the origin of the Mahayana, William James and Japanese Buddhism, and lyrical imagery and religious content in Japanese art. Section Three, "Mediterranean Cultures," covers a broad range of topics, from foster children in early Christianity to "the transformation of Christianity into Roman religion" to the change in the status of women in Iceland from pagan to Christian times. Section Four, "Islamic, African, and Amerindian Developments," examines such subjects as religions in conflict and change in the works of African novelists, tradition and change in Indian Islam, and religious acculturation among Oglala Lakota. Section Five offers "Methodological and Theoretical Discussions" of women's studies, Western perceptions of Asia, structure in Jung and Lévi-Strauss, among others.

The essays provide ready access to the leading edge of scholarship across a wide range of religions and cultures and should be of interest to students of religion, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and philosophy.


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Towards a History of Religion in the Singular
I Indian Traditions and Western Interaction
II Buddhist Chinese and Japanese Studies
III Mediterranean Cultures
IV Islamic African and Amerindian Developments
V Methodological and Theoretical Discussions
Endnotes and Bibliography

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Pagina 69 - I hesitate not to pronounce the Geeta a performance of great originality ; of a sublimity of conception, reasoning, and diction, almost unequalled ; and a single exception, among all the known religions of mankind, of a theology accurately corresponding with that of the Christian dispensation, and most powerfully illustrating its fundamental doctrines.

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