The Lower River

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012 - 323 pagina's
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Ellis Hock never believed that he would return to Africa. He runs an old-fashioned menswear store in a small town in Massachusetts but still dreams of his Eden, the four years he spent in Malawi with the Peace Corps, cut short when he had to return to take over the family business. When his wife leaves him, and he is on his own, he realizes that there is one place for him to go: back to his village in Malawi, on the remote Lower River, where he can be happy again.

Arriving at the dusty village, he finds it transformed: the school he built is a ruin, the church and clinic are gone, and poverty and apathy have set in among the people. They remember him--the White Man with no fear of snakes--and welcome him. But is his new life, his journey back, an escape or a trap?

Interweaving memory and desire, hope and despair, salvation and damnation, this is a hypnotic, compelling, and brilliant return to a terrain about which no one has ever written better than Theroux.

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Gebruikersrecensie  - kaitanya64 - LibraryThing

This is an engrossing read, a sort of "what if" kind of speculation. The protagonist finds himself in late middle age with a failing business and a failed marriage. Rudderless, he decides to return to ... Volledige review lezen

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Gebruikersrecensie  - lukespapa - LibraryThing

With great clarity, in The Lower River, Paul Theroux achingly depicts a region of Africa that is both dependent and resentful of the aid of NGO’s, celebrities, and former Peace Corps do-gooders like ... Volledige review lezen

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PAUL THEROUX's highly acclaimed novels include  Hotel Honolulu  and The Mosquito Coast . His travel books include Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Dark Star Safari, Riding the Iron Rooster, The Great Railway Bazaar, and The Happy Isles of Oceania.

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