Successful Large Account Management: How to Hold on to Your Most Important Customers and Turn Them Into Long-term Assets

Kogan Page, 2004 - 204 pagina's
Whatever a company's sales revenues, there's a strong chance that at least half of it comes from a few crucial accounts. This book shows how to keep them strong. Based on the Miller Heiman LAMP training programme, this dynamic approach to account planning shows how to: devise a strategic action plan for managing key accounts; manage accounts effectively and profitably; build long-term relationships with clients; improve competitive positions in important accounts; and move the relationship up the buy-sell hierarchy.

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Over de auteur (2004)

Stephen E Heiman

Stephen E Heiman has worked in sales development for over 30 years. In the 1970s, as an IBM national account salesman, he increased sales by over 35 per cent and was in the top 5 per cent for total sales and percentage quota. He continued his success at Kepner-Tregoe as director of marketing and at North American Van Lines where, in four years as executive vice president, he increased sales and profits by 36 per cent. In 1978 he joined partner Robert B Miller in the company that became Miller Heiman, Inc. Heiman retired in 1988 as MHI president and CEO; he then served as the company`s chairman of the board.

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