Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Atlantic Books, 2008 - 88 pagina's
'My name is Oscar and I'm ten years old. . . They call me Egghead and I look about seven. I live in hospital because of my cancer and I've never written to you because I don't even know if you exist,' writes Oscar in a letter to God.

Oscar is ill and no one, especially not his parents, will tell him what he already knows: that he is dying. Granny Rose, the oldest of the 'ladies in pink' who visit Oscar and his fellow patients, makes friends with him. She suggests that he play a game: that each of the following twelve days is a decade of his imagined future. One day equals ten years, and every night Oscar writes a letter to God telling him about his life.

The ten letters that follow are sensitive, funny, heartbreaking and, ultimately, uplifting. Oscar and the Lady in Pink is a small fable with a big heart; it will change the way you feel about death and life.

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Over de auteur (2008)

Eric Emmanuel Schmitt is a French dramatist, novelist and fiction writer whose plays have been staged in over fifty countries and translated into forty languages.. His breakthrough theatre work came with his script "Le Visiteur", which won Moli re prizes for best author and best show in 1993/4. Other theatrical work includes "Golden Joe, Variations Enigmatiques, Le Libertin, Milarepa, Frederick ou Le Boulevard du Crime, Hotel des deux mondes", and "Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran".

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