Lion Hunting and Other Mathematical Pursuits: A Collection of Mathematics, Verse, and Stories by the Late Ralph P. Boas, Jr

Cambridge University Press, 1995 - 308 pagina's
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In the famous paper of 1938, 'A Contribution to the Mathematical Theory of Big Game Hunting', written by Ralph Boas along with Frank Smithies, using the pseudonym H. W. O. Pétard, Boas describes sixteen methods for hunting a lion. This marvelous collection of Boas memorabilia contains not only the original article, but also several additional articles, as late as 1985, giving many further methods. But once you are through with lion hunting, you can hunt through the remainder of the book to find numerous gems by and about this remarkable mathematician. Not only will you find his biography of Bourbaki along with a description of his feud with the French mathematician, but also you will find a lucid discussion of the mean value theorem. There are anecdotes Boas told about many famous mathematicians, along with a large collection of his mathematical verses. You will find mathematical articles like a proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra and pedagogical articles giving Boas' views on making mathematics intelligible.

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Lion Hunting
Cantilevered Books 67 Snowfalls and Elephants Pop Bottles and tt
Distribution of Digits in Integers 78 Tannerys Theorem 83 Power
Travelers Surprises 109 Who Needs Those MeanValue Theorems
Recollections and Verse II
Lhospitals Rule without MeanValue Theorems 135 Counterexamples
Inflation 153 Editorial Policy 153 Dialog 154
Sonnet 216 Game Adjourned
If This Be Treason 223 Calculus as an Experimental Science
Can We Make Mathematics Intelligible? 230 Boxing the Chain
Extremal Problems for Polynomials 247 Periodic Entire Functions
with R P Boas 255 What St Augustine Didnt Say about
A Translation of Mayakovskys Hymn to Learning 265
Reminiscences by Students
Ralph P Boas Jr Bibliography

Yet Another Proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra 161 When
Inverse Functions 187 Inverse Functions and Integration by Parts with
Bourbaki and Me 209 Letter to Scientific American 211

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Gerald L. Alexanderson is the Valeriote Professor of Science at Santa Clara University, California, where he has taught mathematics since developing an interest in problems under the guidance of George Polya and enthusiasm for analytic number theory from a course with Gabor Szego at Stanford. Long active in the Mathematical Association of America he has served as Secretary and as President, as well as Editor of Mathematics Magazine. He is author of many articles and reviews, and has co-authored or co-edited textbooks, problem collections, books of interviews, as well as biographies and books on history.

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