Learning to Fly: Practical Lessons from One of the World's Leading Knowledge Companies

Wiley, 24 apr. 2001 - 220 pagina's
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"The first generation of knowledge management has come and gone. The second generation, which promises both deeper insights and greater impact, will be less about data and more about the social nature of knowledge, less about 'capture and retrieval' and more about innovating and sharing, and ultimately more about know-how rather than know about - the only knowledge that ultimately matters in any pragmatic institution. BP's dramatic ascent as an industry leader stems in no small part from its commitment to learning and knowledge. Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell show how new ideas and tools are making working and learning inseparable in one of the world's most innovative large companies." Peter Senge. Senior Lecturer. MIT and Chair, SoL (Society for Organizational Learning) "Collison and Parcell compellingly demonstrate how the combination of sharing behaviors, smart processes and enabling technology have made BP a world leader in knowledge management." Steve Ballmer, President and Chief Executive Officer. Microsoft Corporation "A great story of a global company on the journey toward the Knowledge Driven World. From building networks across the organization to 'having the time to halve the time' it is a journey of constant change for the better." Robert H. Buckman, Chairman and CEO, Buckman Laborotories "Finally in the jungle of theoretical sources about knowledge management, a really practical, 'hands-on' book which gives useful insights in the practice: How to initiate knowledge management and even more important how to keep it alive-as normal part of everyday business." Cordula Söfftge, BMW Group Learning Concepts "With distinctive clarity and simplicity, Learning to Fly combines real practice with rich experience to meet the need to leverage know -how in a network-centric world. The authors have codified a set of proven tools and processes for teams and organizations to learn before, during and after, in order to dramatically improve their performance." Kent Greenes. Chief Knowledge Officer, SAIC:, "Here's what we have been waiting for - a practical way to apply knowledge management for immediate and identifiable business success. The authors have extensive experience in doing that and we should listen to them carefully. Just in time too, as the challenges of the future - wireless Internet,e-Business, continuing mergers, de-mergers and globalization - demand that we get on with the business of KM and this book makes that possible. Well done, guys." Col. Ed Guthrie. US Army (retd.) "There are very few knowledge management books written by actual practitioners and this is one of them. BP has led the charge in KM and these authors were there. A fine place to start one's KM education!" Larry Prusak, Executive Director, IBM Institute for Knowledge Management. "In the last five years few companies have implemented their knowledge management strategy as effectively as BP. Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell have used this compelling experience to provide a thoughtful and action oriented guide to knowledge management. It should be required reading for both students, practitioners and, perhaps most important, for those executives that have to deliver on the promise of leveraging knowledge assets as a mechanism for gaining competitive advantage." Dr. John C. Henderson. The Richard C. Shipley Professor of Management, Boston University

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I hate reviewing textbooks, but this one was actually a pretty fun read. The authors use a lot of examples of techniques as they applied them at BP, among others, and they are pretty well known in the ... Volledige review lezen

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How to realise the potential of knowledge. Volledige review lezen


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Chris Collison leads BP’s efforts in knowledge technology and personal productivity. He has presented BP’s knowledge management story to audiences around the world, participating at major international conferences in five continents, as well as working with government departments and business leaders from other organizations. He has been the author or contributor to many articles in specialist knowledge management publications, as well as broadsheets such as the Financial Times and Daily Telegraph. Geoff Parcell is a practitioner. He has a wealth of experience gained from a diverse career in BP that has taken him from Vietnam to Brazil, from geophysicist to facilitator. A core member of BP’s knowledge management team during the late 90s, he now leads a company-wide initiative for excellence in operations, truly embedding knowledge management in operational activities.

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