Keep Delete: Turning Messages Into Keepsakes

Andrea Wilkinson, 31 okt. 2012 - 170 pagina's
Keep Delete is about turning digital messages on the verge of being forgotten, deleted, outdated or even lost into something tangible; into artifacts. Perhaps the last message from a friend who passed away, the first message from a grandparent still trying to figure out how to use predictive text, a cryptic love note or simply a well-timed message that was so appreciated at the time; these are the messages of Keep Delete. Including more than a hundred designed artifacts from designers, students and artists from around the world and essays from designers reflecting on the relationship between design and digital communication, Keep Delete is both an archive and a nudge of encouragement for readers to keep the messages that are wanting to be kept. For more information visit:

Featuring the following contributors:
Tomislava Sekulic, Jane Bernstein, Susan Agre-Kippenhan, Paul Wright, Selina Schepers, Natalie Erceg, Kathleen Kennedy, Darrell Hanley, Kurt Novack, Latiyfa Whitehead, Kelsey Norz, Rebecca Tegtmeyer, Nita Udhwani, Kristin Liu, Gina Meyers, Bob Janssens, Samantha Jane Holmes, Marc Stevens, Alena Harrold, Peter Gilderdal, Chris Holt, Nazlı Eda Noyan, Crystal Sim, Rebecca Marshall, Holly Leonardson, Ryan Kotar, Sarah Hefetz, Frank Curkovic, Carrie Lee Schwartz, Vince Maida, Michiel Kragten, Mervi Pakaste, Jamie Porciello, Stephanie Cunningham, Terri McManus, Mel Rye, Helena Barbosa, May Tsai, Mike Kippenhan, Jenny Brady, David Lewis, Jennifer M McKnight, John Meng, Christina Sharp, Am I Collective, Karen Grenfell, NadŠ Khalil, JT Yean, Joanna Wiseman, Ludivine Lechat, Thomas Bannon, Fiona McLaughlin, David Gardener, Miet Claes, Jennifer M McKnight, Hyla Willis, Ilse Stouten, Ida Kumoji -Ankrah, Charline Jansen, Darrell Hanley, Tyler Donovan, Foreign Policy Design Group, Gary Gowans, Thomas Billen, Gabrielle Reith, Amy Potter, Brittany Shaw, C.J. Soukup, Casey Stephens, Sereen Zaini, Victoria Rosenbloom, Lenny Salas, Ilana McMorran, Circe Mendez, Emma Penrose, Nadine Vroomen, Monica Shortt, Caspian Ievers, Gijsbrecht Valkeners, Colleen Pugh, Scott Savage, Luke McConnell, Bubi Au Yeung, Carole Goodman, Julie Spivey, Stephen Nachreiner, Anastasia Lanz, Nancy Schokkenbroek, Tania Chua, Evelien Ariens, Nancy Wynn, Brandon Robinson, Adam Petras, Rachael Kubikowski and Nicole Pagano.
And features essays and reflections from the following:Gary M Gowans, Stephanie Cunningham, Amy Papaelias, Erich Doubek, Nancy Wynn, Carole Goodman, Kelly Salchow MacArthur, Jennifer M. Mcknight and Mike Kippenhan.

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Over de auteur (2012)

Andrea Wilkinson lectures in Graphic Design and Communication Media Design and is a Design Researcher in the Social Spaces research group at the LUCA School of Arts in Genk, Belgium.

As a designer, artist, educator and writer, she works across discipline and media, using design as a verb (the act of designing) instead of merely as a noun (the end result). A native of the American Midwest, a broad interpretation of design has allowed her to respond both individually and collaboratively across discipline and domain, from identity and branding to designing for dementia. As an educator, she lectures in interface design, design thinking, narrative and gamification/play. Central to her visual arts practice are words themselves, investigating letter and word as both message and vehicle, encompassing not only layout, but also storytelling.

If you have ideas for design education exchanges or are interested in hosting KeepDelete in your city, please don't hesitate to contact her. Visit one of the following websites for contact information:

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