How to Recover the Holy Land: The Crusade Proposals of the Late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries

Ashgate, 1 jan. 2000 - 231 pagina's
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Beginning with the fall of Acre in 1291 and the final expulsion of the Crusaders from Palestine, there emerged a flow of proposals and treatises on how the Holy Land could be reconquered. Their authors ranged from monarchs to churchmen, and they dealt with all aspects of crusading; together they offer an insight into opinion on the crusades from a cross-section of literate Christian society. This book is the first to offer a comprehensive study of this literature which forms one of the most striking features of Christendom's response to the loss of the Holy Land.
Antony Leopold examines the precedents for these works and the differing motives of their authors, and sets them against the background of European history to show why so many were written in this period. Individual chapters provide a detailed analysis of the views expressed on recruitment, finance, leadership, religion, and strategy, along with an assessment of the originality of the works, their development over time, and their impact on other writers and contemporary practice.

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Preparations for the crusade
Spiritual aspects of the crusade
Enemies allies and preliminary strategy

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