GB/T 36130-2018: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 36130-2018, GB/T36130-2018, GBT36130-2018): Hot Rolled Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip for Tower Structural Purpose

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This Standard specifies the classification, method of nameplate expression, content of ordering, dimension, appearance, weight, technical requirement, test method, inspection rule, packaging, marking and certification of hot rolled steel plate, sheet and strip for tower structural purpose. This Standard is applicable to hot rolled steel plate, sheet and strip (hereinafter referred to as steel plate and strip) for tower structural purpose. Steel plate and strip are mainly applied to manufacture tower structure for electricity and communication; tower structure for decorative power, watchtower, lighting tower, television tower and special purposes.

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Content of Ordering
Dimension Appearance and Weight
Test Methods
Inspection Rules
Appendix A informative appendix
Appendix B informative appendix

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