Evolution as a Religion: Strange Hopes and Stranger Fears

Routledge, 29 aug 2003 - 224 pagina's
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According to a profile in The Guardian, Mary Midgley is 'the foremost scourge of scientific pretensions in this country; someone whose wit is admired even by those who feel she sometimes oversteps the mark'. Considered one of Britain's finest philosophers, Midgley exposes the illogical logic of poor doctrines that shelter themselves behind the prestige of science. Always at home when taking on the high priests of evolutionary theory - Dawkins, Wilson and their acolytes - she has famously described evolution as 'the creation-myth of our age'. In Evolution as a Religion, she examines how science comes to be used as a substitute for religion and points out how badly that role distorts it. As ever, her argument is flawlessly insightful: a punchy, compelling, lively indictment of these misuses of science. Both the book and its author are true classics of our time.

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Evolutionary Dramas
Do Science and Religion Compete?
Demarcation Disputes
The Irresistible Escalator
Choosing a World
The Problem of Direction
Scientist and Superscientist
Scientific Education and Human Transience
Mixed Antitheses
Science Scepticism and
The Service of Self and the Service of Kali
Who or What is Selfish?
Dreaming and Waking
The Limits of Individualism
The Vulnerable World and Its Claims on

Dazzling Prospects
Jacques Monod and the Isolation of Science
Freedom and the Monte Carlo Drama

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Over de auteur (2003)

Mary Midgley (1919-2018) was one of the most renowned moral philosophers of her generation and the author of many books, including Beast and Man, Wickedness and The Myths We Live By. She has taken part in many broadcast events, including The Moral Maze and Woman's Hour.

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