Corpus Studies in Contrastive Linguistics

Stefania Marzo, Kris Heylen, Gert De Sutter
John Benjamins Publishing, 2012 - 171 pagina's
Contrastive Linguistics, like other linguistic disciplines, is becoming more and more data-oriented, relying increasingly on the statistical analysis of corpus data to reveal and investigate the similarities and dissimilarities between languages. The volume Corpus Studies in Contrastive Linguistics illustrates this current trend with a representative sample of contrastive linguistic case studies. These cover a range of linguistic phenomena (syntax, modality and discourse) and pursue different types of research questions (grammaticalization, pragmatic function, stylistic function, typological profile). Accordingly, they use different types of corpora: contemporary and historical texts, written and spoken discourse, and various text types, such as academic discourse and political discourse. Five different languages are represented (English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Lithuanian) with English as a language of comparison in each contribution. The studies all show that quantitative analyses are not at odds with insightful qualitative interpretations or functional approaches to language, but rather complement each other. This volume was orginally published as a special issue of International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 15:2 (2010).

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Developments in Corpusbased ContrastiveLinguistics
Believetype raisingtoobject and raisingtosubject verbs in English and Dutch
Contingency hedges in Dutch French and English
Cultural differences in academic discourse
Cognitive verbs in context
Mood and modality in finite noun complement clauses
Choice of strategies in realizations of epistemic possibility in English and Lithuanian

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