Between Species: Celebrating the Dolphin-human Bond

Toni Frohoff, Brenda Peterson
Sierra Club Books, 2003 - 361 pagina's
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Dolphins and humans have always been curious about each other, and since ancient times the kinship between our species has been celebrated across cultures and continents in myth, art, literature, and science. Only recently, however, have we gone beyond our own view of this interspecies connection and begun to ask: What might this bond look like from the dolphins' perspective?
Now, Between Species brings together for the first time eminent scientists and gifted writers to help shed light on this intriguing question. Edited by wildlife researcher Toni Frohoff and nature writer Brenda Peterson, the text selections range from tales of transforming dolphin encounters to views on how to protect cetaceans and their habitats, and from poems honoring dolphins to provocative critiques of swim-with-the-dolphins programs and acoustic pollution. Pieces include Diane Ackerman's essay on "deep play" with a wild dolphin; Marc Bekoff's ethical questions concerning our intrusion in dolphins' lives; and the late Dr. John Lilly's call for a "Cetacean Nation."
This groundbreaking anthology not only explores the depths and beauty of the dolphin-human bond but encourages new generations to respect the complexities and responsibilities inherent in such interspecies kinship.

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Between species: celebrating the dolphin-human bond

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Humans have long been fascinated with dolphins, and we like to think they are equally fascinated with us. Numerous books, movies, and television series (remember Flipper?) have dealt with cetacean ... Volledige review lezen


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Brenda Peterson is the author of three novels, two collections of essays, and numerous articles. She lives in Seattle.

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