Analysis of vertebrate predator-prey community: Studies within the European Forest zone in terrains with transitional mixed forest in Belarus

Tesey, 1 sep 2011 - 736 pagina's
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This monograph is about predation in vertebrate animal community. The studies were done in the seminatural terrains with transitional mixed forest within the European forest zone in Belarus. The result part was organised as a top-down flow: First, the community characteristics related to predators were estimated. I presented data on predator species richness, population density and biomass with special attention paid to the changes in predator species diversity occurred during the last two centuries and particularly in connection with the American mink and raccoon dog naturalization. Then, the main features of predator food niches were given, and the structure of various predator guilds and size structure in predators were analysed. The next part of the monograph was devoted to examining of community-important factors acting in semi-natural terrains. Such factors affected either the whole community or its marked fragment. The last quite a large part of the monograph consisted of many chapters which present more or less essential results on different predator species, and stresses hot questions of their population ecology.

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Over de auteur (2011)

The results included in the monograph were gained by† Vertebrate Predation Research Group in Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 1985-2007 and in 2008-2010 in Scientific-Practical Centre for Biological Resources, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. During this long period all the time students from Belarusian State University, Faculty of Biology Sciences, Zoology Department assisted in the study.
Prof. Dr. Michael Pikulik, Dr. Vladimir Ivanovsky, Dr. Irina Solovej, Dr. Grygory Januta,† Irina Rotenko, Anna Sidorovich, Larisa Tihomirova, Gennady Lauzhel and Dmitry Krasko contributed a lot in the results. Prof. Dr. Vadim Sidorovich designed nearly all studies involved in the monograph, took part and controlled all these studies as well as wrote up the monograph and did the final version of its computer maquette. Valery Lobko helped with earlier version of the monograph maquette. Irina Rotenko and Ludmila Rotenko also helped in English correction of a part of the text. The majority of photos were taken by Vadim Sidorovich. The photos that have another authorship were specially marked by author’s name. The drawings on the inside front and back covers were done by Alexandr Mitianin.

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