A U.S. Army Medical Base in World War I France: Life and Care at Bazoilles Hospital Center, 1918-1919

McFarland, 22 jul. 2019 - 185 pagina's
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Nothing in the small village of Bazoilles-sur-Meuse in the northeast of France bears witness today to the 13,000-bed Bazoilles Hospital Center located there during World War I. Yet in 1918-1919 more than 63,000 American soldiers received treatment there--three out of every 100 U.S. servicemen and women who served in Europe. This richly illustrated history describes daily life and medical care at Bazoilles, providing a vivid picture of the conditions for both patients and personnel, along with stories of those who worked there, and those who were treated or died there.

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From Frontline to Bazoilles Hospital Center
63769 Treated in Ten Months
The Sound of the Siren
Wound Care at Bazoilles Hospital Center
Gas Gas Treatment of Gas Cases
Three Soldiers Admitted Because of Battle Injuries
War Is Over
Pictures of Daily Life
Christmas Overseas
Three Soldiers Admitted Because of Physical and Mental Disease
Review of the Personnel by General Pershing
The Execution of Two American Soldiers
Items from Institutional and Personal Collections

Treatment of Wounded German Prisoners of War
The Toll of Influenza and Secondary Pneumonia
Convalescent Camp No 2
Letters from Bazoilles Hospital Center
The Spanish Flu Outbreak on Board the USS Leviathan
Chapter Notes

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Over de auteur (2019)

Peter Wever is a medical doctor working as a clinical microbiologist in the Hieronymous Bosch Hospital in the Netherlands.

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