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Boeken Boeken 31 - 40 van ongeveer 48 die betrekking hebben op Process and Reality.    

The Relevance of Whitehead: Philosophical Essays in Commemoration of the ...

Ivor Leclerc - 2014 - 384 pagina’s
First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Whitehead's Theory of Reality

Allison Heartz Johnson - 1952 - 263 pagina’s
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Whitehead and Bradley: A Comparative Analysis

Leemon B. McHenry - 213 pagina’s
In his magnum opus, Process and Reality, Alfred North Whitehead claims a special affinity to Oxford philosopher Francis Herbert Bradley. McHenry clarifies exactly how much of ...
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Philosophers of Process

Douglas Browning, William T. Myers - 1998 - 449 pagina’s
Process philosophy is fundamentally a metaphysical position. Its doctrine is that the universe is essentially to be understood not as substance and causality, as in the ...
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Whitehead's Metaphysics of Creativity

Friedrich Rapp, Reiner Wiehl - 1990 - 223 pagina’s
Twelve papers presented at the International Whitehead Symposium, October 1983 in Bad Homburg, West Germany. Topics include Whitehead's place in the history of philosophy, the ...
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Schleiermacher and Whitehead: Open Systems in Dialogue

Christine Helmer - 2004 - 356 pagina’s
This collection of essays stages a dialogue between Friedrich Schleiermacher and Alfred North Whitehead on significant features of 'open' system. The volume offers new options ...
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