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Boeken Boeken 31 - 40 van ongeveer 48 die betrekking hebben op Process and Reality.    

Alfred North Whitehead

Paul Grimley Kuntz - 1984 - 160 pagina’s
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Stubborn Fact and Creative Advance: An Introduction to the Metaphysics of ...

Thomas E. Hosinski - 1993 - 263 pagina’s
"...an attractive alternative to Victor Lowe's Understanding Whitehead, Ivor Leclerc's Whitehead's Metaphysics, and Donald Sherburne's A Key to Whitehead's Process and Reality ...
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The Epochal Nature of Process in Whitehead's Metaphysics

F. Bradford Wallack - 1980 - 369 pagina’s
"While my book attempts to reflect the full range of scholarly debate, I have also attempted to make it useful to anyone interested in Whitehead. To this end, I have introduced ...
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Whitehead's Theory of Reality

Allison Heartz Johnson - 1952 - 263 pagina’s
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Whitehead and God: Prolegomena to Theological Reconstruction

Laurence F. Wilmot - 1979 - 200 pagina’s
This book is intended as a contribution towards the renewal of theological discourse in the final quarter of the twentieth century. It presents the findings from personal ...
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The Emergence of Whitehead's Metaphysics, 1925-1929

Lewis S. Ford - 351 pagina’s
A breathtaking detective story, this book charts the adventure of Whitehead’s ideas in a remarkably detailed and careful reconstruction of his metaphysical views. Incorporating ...
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Intensity: An Essay in Whiteheadian Ontology

Judith A. Jones - 1998 - 247 pagina’s
The result is a book that should be enthusiastically greeted and debated by scholars of Whitehead and by all who are interested in the field of process thought, including ...
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