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Boeken Boeken 21 - 30 van ongeveer 48 die betrekking hebben op Process and Reality.    

Whitehead's metaphysics: an introductory exposition

Ivor Leclerc - 1958 - 233 pagina’s
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The Epochal Nature of Process in Whitehead's Metaphysics

F. Bradford Wallack - 369 pagina’s
“While my book attempts to reflect the full range of scholarly debate, I have also attempted to make it useful to anyone interested in Whitehead. To this end, I have introduced ...
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Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics

Stephen David Ross - 1983 - 295 pagina’s
Stephen David Ross presents an extensive, detailed, and critical interpretation of Whitehead's mature thought, emphasizing the fundamental role of perspective in Whitehead's ...
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Whitehead's Metaphysics of Extension and Solidarity

Jorge Luis Nobo - 1986 - 439 pagina’s
At the base of Whitehead’s philosophy of organism is a vision of the solidarity of all final actualities. Each actuality is a discrete individual enjoying autonomous self ...
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The Emergence of Whitehead's Metaphysics, 1925-1929

Lewis S. Ford - 1984 - 351 pagina’s
A breathtaking detective story, this book charts the adventure of Whitehead's ideas in a remarkably detailed and careful reconstruction of his metaphysical views. Incorporating ...
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Whitehead and Bradley: A Comparative Analysis

Leemon B. McHenry - 213 pagina’s
In his magnum opus, Process and Reality, Alfred North Whitehead claims a special affinity to Oxford philosopher Francis Herbert Bradley. McHenry clarifies exactly how much of ...
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Studies in Whitehead's Cosmology

M. K. Haldar - 1972 - 206 pagina’s
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